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Sample chapter

Volume 1

Sample chapter (in German) provided by Eduversum as illustrative material

“Europe – Our History” is a four-volume textbook series for day-to-day use in the history classroom at the first stage of secondary education. Volume 1 is targeted towards learners in the first two school years in which history is a formal part of the curriculum. The textbook/workbook provides learners with an introduction to the new subject and discusses the period commencing in prehistory and ancient history, spanning early civilisations and the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, and concluding with the end of the Middle Ages around 1500.

Volume 2

Sample chapter (in German) provided by Eduversum as illustrative material

Volume 2 comprises the modern period to 1815. The series’ approach to European history takes a new perspective, transcending traditional nation-state-centred viewpoints and shining a spotlight on the plurality and diversity of historical narratives in Europe and the rest of the world. The incorporation of changes of perspective into the books’ structure is designed to raise learners’ awareness of differing points of view on historical events and issues. Due to these features, the series sees itself as pointing the way to a European idea of the continent and its history which meets the diversity of historical memories and interpretations held by individual nation states with a transnational approach and an attempt to empower students to reflect critically and engage in dialogue on their history.

Volume 3

Sample chapter (in German) provided by Eduversum as illustrative material

Volume 3 begins with the Vienna Congress and deals with European and world history up to the First World War. Developed through the work of a Polish-German project team, “Europe – Our History” takes an innovative approach to putting findings of current and recent historical and educational research into practice. It supports learners in developing their skills and competencies and provides an appealing and motivating range of materials, presented in an age-appropriate manner and context. The series’ volumes are being successively made available in two versions, identical in content and design, for use in Polish and German schools.

“We’ll be able to see history from two sides. It’ll be more objective and there’ll be topics included which have been left out until now.”

Year 8 student, Poznań

Volume 4

Sample chapter (in German) provided by Eduversum as illustrative material